fgc coverShockSumOne. The name says it all. This lyrical phenomenon is guaranteed to shock some one in the room listening to his music or witnessing his performance. After just releasing his last experiment “Shock&Awe”, August of 2016, Shock’s inner demons have awoken and he has brought back the darkness. Shock’s next release “The United Caves Of Barbarica” is a journey through the new hell and wasteland of today’s world. “The United Caves Of Barbarica” features 15 new tracks with guest appearances from Lil’ Wyte, Twisted Insane, PFV, Pierce The Prodigy and more with production by Keef Tha Phonomancer, Fiasco Andretti, Shy One and Jesse Anderson. Come take a trip through the underground and witness what dwells within, Election Day 2016.

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