ShockSumOne 1

ShockSumOne is an American Hip Hop artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. Shock is known for his versatile styles, experimental projects, radical lyrical content, fast and articulate delivery, charismatic stage show, and controversial material. This is why he is ShockSumOne, because his lyricism is guaranteed to shock some one in the room listening to his music or witnessing his performance. Shock is back to rattling cages and pushing envelops in the next addition the discography entitled, “The Mostly Peaceful EP”. This sarcastic based title is full of new sounds, quality production and edgy lyrics that is sure to spark debate and opinions! This brand new EP is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Bandcamp, as well as most streaming services! All the instrumental production was made by Indiana native, producer KEIFERGR33N and South African native Rotten Luke, with the exception of the title track “Mostly Peaceful”, produced by Bad Soul reigning from Italy.
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