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ShockSumOne Era

Swing Low 2005SSO_Album_CoverSpaced Out 2006Spaced_Out COVERThee After Shock Pt. 1 The Chair 2006large__11_12_2006_18_50_shocksumonetheeShockSumOne(Self-Titled)2007l_3ff5dd0a1474089ff2e191ee74bb3a15Thee After Shock Pt. 2 The Storm 2008l_38ce58d09a134b72b173cb14974a97d5Infiniti 2009sso_inf_front_coverHigh Definition 2011hd-coverOne Better 2012one better_frontcover copy twitterMr. Negativity 2012Mr Negativity cover copyThee Untold Tales Of America’s Most Slept On 2014AMSO front coverFamily, God & Country 2015fgc coverGrime&Gloss 2015fgc coverShock&Awe 2016fgc coverThe United Caves Of Barbarica 2016fgc cover